Our list of medical plants is shown in the table below. We send samples of medical plants and actual price list by demand. It is also possible to deliver some cuted medical plants or their powder. If there is a need for products that are not in our product list, we shall try to get them and offer them to you. We gladly await your inquieries and your offer lists.

Packing: Compressed bales or sacs of 25-50 kg. and cardboard boxes of 12 kg. netto.

Latin name English name
Absynthum herba Vermouth
Alchemilla herba Common ladies mantle
Asarum herba cum radix Asarum root
Asperula herba Woodruff
Basilicum herba Basilie
Belladonna herba Deadly
Betula folium Birchleaves
Bursa past. herba Shepherds purse
Centaurium herba Centaury tops
Chamomilla flores Chamomile flowers
Chamomilla pulvis Chamomile powder
Chelidonium herba Tetterworth
Colchicum semen Autumnal crocus seed
Crataegus oxy. flores Hawthornflowers
Crataegus fructus Hawthorn
Cynosbatus fructus Rose hips
Epilobium parv. herba Willow herb
Equisetum herba Horseteil
Erica flores Heather
Euphrasia herba Euphasy
Fragaria folium Strawberries
Farfara folium Coltsfood leaves
Foeniculum fructus Fennel seeds
Frangula cortex Buckthorn bark
Geum urbanum radix Common avens root
Geum urbanum herba Herb bennet
Gerani robertianum herba Cranesbill
Hedera terr. herba Ground ivy
Hedera helix folium Ivy
Helichrysum italicum flores Yellow chaste weed
Juglandus folium Walnut leaves
Juniperus comm. fructus Juniper berries
Lavandula flores Lavender flowers
Laurus folia Laurel leaves
Lichen Islandicus Iceland moss
Lichen Quercus Oakmoos
Melissa folium Balm leaves
Mentha pip. folium Peppermint leaves
Millefolium herba Milfoil
Myrtillium fructus Bilberry
Plantago lanc. folium Common plantain leaves
Pirus malus fructus Apple
Phaseolum legumes Bean shells
Primula flores Primrose flowers
Prunus spin. flores Blackthornflowers
Prunus spin. fructus Blackthorn
Pulmonaria folium Lungworth
Rubus frut. folium Brumble leaves
Rumicis acetosae herba Sorrel
Salicis cortex Willow bark
Sambucus flores Elder flowers
Sambucus fructus Common elder
Sanicula herba Sanicle wort
Salvia off. folium Sage leaves
Saturea mont. herba Savory worth
Scolopendrum folium Tonguefern leaves
Symphitum folium Comfrey leaves
Symphitum radix Comfrey root
Taraxacum folium Dandelion leaves
Taraxacum radix Dandelion root
Tilia flores Lindenflowers
Tilia cortex Lindenbark
Urtica folium Nettle worth
Urtica radix Nettle root
Uva ursi folium Bearberry leaves
Viola flores Violet
Viscum album folium White misteltoe
Thymus serp. herba Thyme
Teucrus mont. herba  





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